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Plumbing students can get access to a library of technical information that will help with their course work by registering for the Copper Club.

We have a series of 6 movies that show how to design and install a cloakroom. The 6 clips are taken from the educational material on the Make the Right Start section of our Copper Pipework Compendium CD.
Installation tips technical manual
Copper Initiative Tips cover

The Installation Tips manual includes technical details on the design and installation of copper pipework services.  It covers simple things like jointing and bending and also more complicated things like pipe sizing.

10 Good Reasons for choosing copper

The type of material used for the plumbing and heating systems of any construction project needs to be something the installer and specifier can trust and rely on. For domestic, commercial and industrial work in the United Kingdom, copper is the preferred material for plumbing and heating systems.

Here we give you 10 good reasons why copper continues to dominate the UK market.

Come Home to Copper

Come Home to Copper is a website for home owners.  It provides information and advice on the many uses for copper in the home.  It is an essential vist for people doing self-build projects, renovations, extensions or simply looking for decorating ideas.

Copper Matters 2014
2016/17 Copper Matters newsletter, topics include: skills competitions; antimicrobial copper used on an award winning bus; the copper roof on the new Design Museum; updated technical information on the website.

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