10 - Added value to the building

Using high quality materials will add value to the property.

Copper pipework systems are the only ones that are fast and easy to install while being lightweight, durable and reliable, with minimal maintenance.

Building interior designers select materials and products that are both beautiful and functional - taps, baths, showers - but don’t forget the technically superior copper pipework systems hidden behind the walls. These copper tubes and fittings will serve you reliably and safely for a lifetime, out-of-sight and out-of-mind, and they will add value to your property!

Considering the lifetime cost of the pipework system, copper clearly offers the best value for money of the available plumbing materials in the market.  


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2016/17 Copper Matters newsletter, topics include: skills competitions; hygienic copper used on an award winning bus; the copper roof on the new Design Museum; updated technical information on the website.