2 - Excellent under extreme conditions

Anyone looking for a high pressure, high temperature, fire resistant material knows that copper won’t let you down!

With excellent mechanical and physical properties, copper is able to withstand very harsh and extreme conditions of temperature, pressure and environment.

From around 200°C in solar thermal systems down to -200°C for liquefied gases, for air conditioning systems with 35-40 bar pressure, copper can handle it all.

When exposed to the environment (UV rays, sunshine, oxygen), copper tube doesn’t age and doesn’t change its properties over time, unlike some plastics.

For a reliable, fire-resistant material that can withstand a temperature of 650°C for a 30 minute period that will make safe gas pipework, or tube for a life safety fire sprinkler system, you need think no further than copper.

Copper is the ideal material for your domestic pipework systems where high temperatures are around 80°C and the maximum pressure is about 10 bar.  


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