3 - Versatile

Copper satisfies all the pipework needs of modern buildings.

Copper tube and fittings can be used for the many different services in modern buildings:

  • Plumbing systems, hot and cold water services
  • Heating systems – wet central heating, underfloor heating, wall and radiant
  • Gas installations – natural gas, propane-butane, medical and industrial gases
  • Solar thermal systems
  • Air conditioning
  • Oil services
  • Fire sprinkler systems
  • Rainwater recycling

Copper is strong, it can be easily formed into bends and systems can be assembled both on- and off-site.  You can solve just about any problem with copper and rely on the result.

Copper gives you versatility!  Can competing materials meet all of the pressure, temperature and safety demands for such a wide range of services?  


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2016/17 Copper Matters newsletter, topics include: skills competitions; hygienic copper used on an award winning bus; the copper roof on the new Design Museum; updated technical information on the website.