4 - Healthy drinking water

Copper pipework services have been in widespread use for decades – the result: worry-free, trouble-free installations.

Copper pipes do not release any unknown substances into the water and copper does not allow gases to diffuse through the tube wall - this means that bad smells or other disturbing influences cannot enter the system and impair the quality of the water. The result: first rate drinking water at any time, all through the house.

Scientists observe lower populations of Legionella in copper systems than competing materials due to system design and disinfection methods. Copper piping systems can be regularly thermally disinfected at high temperatures as part of a maintenance plan, unlike some other materials on the market that can age and become prone to leaching after experiencing high temperatures.


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2016/17 Copper Matters newsletter, topics include: skills competitions; hygienic copper used on an award winning bus; the copper roof on the new Design Museum; updated technical information on the website.