About Us

Copper Initiative replaces the activities carried out by the UK Copper Board.  It is part of a Europe-wide campaign which aims to promote the benefits of copper plumbing and heating systems to the construction industry.  Copper Initiative is a progam of the European Copper Institute.

We provide technical information on the correct use of copper for pipework services in buildings.  Our technical publications, electronic media and CD can be used by college lecturers, students and experienced plumbers.

Information and questions

For a complete set of literature and to join our mailing list please complete the Copper Club form.

For other literature requests please download the PDFs from Resources.

For technical enquiries please complete the enquiry form. Please allow a few days for response (75% of enquiries are answered within 24 hours) and feel free to ask any questions, except about price and other commercial matters. We will do our best to respond to reasonable requests required for research and not intended for commercial use.


Copper Initiative
5 Grovelands Business Centre, Boundary Way
Hemel Hempstead, Herts HP2 7TE, UK
Email: info@copperalliance.org.uk

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Plumbing students can get access to a library of technical information that will help with their course work by registering for the Copper Club.