Solar thermal

Copper for solar hot water systems

Radiation from the sun can be transformed into useful heat to provide domestic hot water.  Correctly designed solar thermal systems have a proven track record in providing dependable hot water and space heating and, as more systems are installed and economies of scale come into play, payback periods will reduce to make them more cost-effective.

Copper has by far the highest thermal conductivity of any commercial metal and this factor, together with copper’s good corrosion resistance and its ability to withstand high temperatures, makes it an ideal material to use for many parts of solar thermal systems.

For technical details on copper solar thermal systems see the Installation Tip and publication.

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This publication outlines the methodology for the design and installation of copper solar thermal systems. It includes an introduction to the concept of the solar thermal system, the types of solar collectors available, the major components in a typical solar thermal system, how to install copper pipework and the sizing of the installation, the collectors and storage cylinders. 2010. 16pp