Make the Next Step

Why Consider Continued Professional Development?

You may have only just started considering plumbing as a career or have many years experience under your belt.  Either way, you should spare a thought for continued professional development (CPD).  It is now widely recognised throughout the construction industry that true professionals need to constantly update their skills. This is particularly the case for small businesses, who can retain their competitiveness and increase their earning power through CPD.

With this in mind, the UK Copper Board has developed Make The Next Step, a distance learning package designed for those installers with experience of domestic type work who wish to further their skills to include industrial and commercial building services work.

Make the Next Step is a distance learning course, consisting of three self-study modules:

  • Module One - Large Diameter Copper Tube Jointing and Fixing Theory
  • Module Two - Design Skills for Industrial Copper Based Systems
  • Module Three - Interpreting Drawings, Plantroom and Pipework Installation Procedures.

Test your knowledge with our questionnaire

Each module includes a written test for the student to complete and return, before receiving the next module.  On completion of the self-study modules, students will receive a record of achievement and can then put their knowledge into practice to obtain a City & Guilds certificate - 6022 Industrial and Commercial Copper Tube Installation - by means of practical training and assessment at their local participating college.

If you wish to register for Make The Next Step contact Brian Curry.

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