Copper Pipework Compendium CD

Copper Initiative represents the UK's leading manufacturers of copper tube and fittings and is committed to building on the high standards of professionalism strongly associated with copper plumbing systems. To this end, the Copper Initiative has produced the Copper Pipework Compendium CD which contains two resources to support the education and training of student and professional plumbers:


Make the Right Start

This part of the CD is designed to support new entrants to the plumbing profession and help them to learn about basic copper plumbing skills. The information here can be used by lecturers to support classroom learning and by plumbers wishing to brush-up on their basic skills.

Make the Right Start has been developed with the help of Brian Curry, former lecturer at Oldham College and now Director of Learn Plumbing, and is packed full of useful information to assist students with their college studies. Video clips, exercises and worksheets have been developed to introduce students to the necessary skills to measure, cut, bend, joint and install copper tube and fittings to a high standard.

A series of reference materials cover pipework bending and installation methods and these can be used as handouts to students. In addition, a series of installation tips covering basic plumbing skills and a reference guide to copper tube in buildings are also included. All this material can be included in your work by cut and paste facilities or can be printed directly from the CD.

To complement these materials, a series of webcasts (narrated presentations) is also included.

The package is only designed to be used as an introduction to basic copper installation practice, acknowledging that it takes years of practice to become a professional installer.

Continuing with Copper

Continuing with Copper is the section designed for qualified plumbers and engineers to further their education and to give good clear, concise technical information on copper pipework services in modern buildings.

It focuses on the material aimed at the professional: design of pipework for fire sprinkler systems in domestic and commercial buildings, the sustainability and recyclability of copper, webcasts and technical literature on the design of water and gas services.


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