Copper tube

Copper tube is available in a wide range of sizes, from 6 mm up to 219 mm, and is manufactured in accordance with the European Standard EN 1057.

It is produced in a number of tempers, including soft (annealed), half-hard and hard, and it is available in coils and straight lengths depending on size and temper. Copper tube is also available with a factory applied plastic covering and with a chrome plating for decorative applications.

Material condition Material temper Minimum tensile strength
Annealed R220 220N/mm2
Half-hard R250 250N/mm2
Hard R290 290N/mm2


Copper is the ideal material for the following services:

  • Domestic hot and cold water supplies
  • Drinking water
  • Gas services
  • Solar thermal systems
  • Fire sprinkler systems
  • Wet central heating systems
  • Chilled water systems
  • Medical gases

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