Capillary solder fittings

Capillary solder fittings have been continuously developed and improved for over fifty years to the point where they are, in the hands of the competent, professional installer, utterly reliable.

 Integral solder ring fitting

When a clean, fluxed copper tube is inserted into a clean fitting and heated to the melting temperature of the solder, the forces of adhesion and cohesion cause solder to flow into the capillary gap. Flux enables the solder to wet, adhere to and alloy with the surface of the copper and cohesion causes sufficient solder to be drawn in to completely fill the gap so a strong, watertight joint results.

For technical details on capillary soldering see the Installation Tip.

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10 Good Reasons for choosing copper

The type of material used for the plumbing and heating systems of any construction project needs to be something the installer and specifier can trust and rely on. For domestic, commercial and industrial work in the United Kingdom, copper is the preferred material for plumbing and heating systems.

Here we give you 10 good reasons why copper continues to dominate the UK market.