Press fittings

With modern construction techniques and site safety requirements, copper press and push-fit fittings provide fast and efficient jointing techniques that will result in reliable copper installations.  Both types of fittings offer flame-free jointing, ideal for the installation of copper building services with fast-track building systems.

Available in sizes from 12 to 108 mm diameter for water, heating, chilled water and gas services, using ‘O’ rings appropriate for the specific application.

Temperature Pressure
20 °C 16 bar
110 °C 16 bar
Note: Fittings for solar systems can operate at 200 °C

Design considerations

When designing the pipework layout, allowances should be made for access of the clamping jaw and press fitting tool such that there is sufficient room around the tube for the jaws of the tool to operate without hindrance.  This requirement will usually be achieved if allowance for the correct insulation thickness for the tube size as specified by BS 6700 is made.

For technical details on the use of press fittings see the Installation Tip and Copper, the Modern Solution.

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This technical publication describes copper fitting development and covers flame-free systems using press fittings and push-fit fittings. 2000. 8pp.