Push-fit fittings

With modern construction techniques and site safety requirements, copper press and push-fit fittings provide fast and efficient jointing techniques that will result in reliable copper installations.  Both types of fittings offer flame-free jointing, ideal for the installation of copper building services with fast-track building systems.

They are available in sizes from 10 to 54 mm and can be used on water services including direct, indirect and pressurised systems.  They can also be used on heating systems and chilled water applications within permitted temperature and pressure parameters.

Temperature Pressure
30 °C 16 bar
65 °C 10 bar
90 °C 6 bar

The ability to rotate the fitting once it has been pushed on to the tube means that installation in confined spaces is facilitated; this versatility is also useful when carrying out alterations to pipework and maintenance.

Some push-fit fittings can be demounted, using a purpose-made tool, which is also helpful when making extensions to systems.

For technical details on the use of push-fit fittings see the Installation Tip and Copper, The Modern Solution.

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This technical publication describes copper fitting development and covers flame-free systems using press fittings and push-fit fittings. 2000. 8pp.