European copper tube and fittings

EN Standards have been written to harmonise standards for copper tube and fittings across Europe.  This means that products from different manufacturers can be used in the same plumbing system as they all have standardised dimensions.

Copper tube

EN 1057 Copper and Copper Alloys.  Seamless, Round  Copper Tubes for Water and Gas in Sanitary and Heating Applications specifies the requirements for copper tubes from 6mm up to 267mm diameter:

Copper fittings

EN 1254 Copper and Copper Alloys.  Plumbing Fittings has five separate parts for the specification of the fitting ends.  For the vast majority of plumbing installations you will be using fittings to either:

  • EN 1254:Part 1 Fittings with ends for capillary soldering or capillary brazing to copper tubes, or
  • EN 1254:Part 2 Fittings with compression ends for use with copper tubes.

EN 1057 and EN 1254

These Standards for tube and fittings have now been around for some time and the products that you are using will have their numbers marked on them.

See our Installation Tip on EN Standards for Copper Tube and Fittings for full technical details.


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This publication details the many reasons why copper is the number one material for pipework services. In addition to the information on copper tube and fittings, there is environmental information on copper, its sustainability and recyclability.