With modern construction techniques and site safety requirements, copper press and push-fit fittings provide fast and efficient jointing techniques that will result in reliable copper installations.  Both types of fittings offer flame-free jointing, ideal for the installation of copper building services with fast-track building systems.

There are a variety of copper and brass fittings for use with copper pipework.  It is important to select the correct fitting for the pipework application and the situation. You will know that some work sites have restrictions on the use of flames - for these situations you can select one of the heat-free jointing options.

Capillary soldering and compression jointing systems have been continuously developed and improved for over fifty years to the point where they are, in the hands of the competent, professional installer, utterly reliable.

Copper and copper alloy fittings are available in a similar size range and in a number of configurations. Fittings for use in pipework services are manufactured to the European Standard EN 1254 and include capillary, end feed and integral solder ring, braze fittings and compression fittings.

European copper tube and fittings

EN Standards have been written to harmonise standards for copper tube and fittings across Europe.  This means that products from different manufacturers can be used in the same plumbing system as they all have standardised dimensions.

Copper tube

EN 1057 Copper and Copper Alloys.  Seamless, Round  Copper Tubes for Water and Gas in Sanitary and Heating Applications specifies the requirements for copper tubes from 6mm up to 267mm diameter:

Copper fittings