Copper can withstand high pressures and temperatures, along with the ease of jointing, bending and clipping, making it the ideal pipework material for wet central heating systems.

Oxygen ingress can cause problems for some ferrous (iron and steel) components in heating systems.  Copper offers complete impermeability to oxygen.

Copper for solar hot water systems

Radiation from the sun can be transformed into useful heat to provide domestic hot water.  Correctly designed solar thermal systems have a proven track record in providing dependable hot water and space heating and, as more systems are installed and economies of scale come into play, payback periods will reduce to make them more cost-effective.

Copper tube and fittings can be used in every part of domestic, commercial and industrial pipework services, including gas, hot water, cold water and central heating, with total confidence.  It’s strong, it can be easily formed into bends and systems can be assembled both on- and off-site.

You can solve just about any problem with copper and rely on the result.

Copper is the ideal material for the following services: