Why Consider Continued Professional Development?

You may have only just started considering plumbing as a career or have many years experience under your belt.  Either way, you should spare a thought for continued professional development (CPD).  It is now widely recognised throughout the construction industry that true professionals need to constantly update their skills. This is particularly the case for small businesses, who can retain their competitiveness and increase their earning power through CPD.

2019 Competition

2019 Regional Heats

Date                      Location                                                               Region

22 March              Belfast Metropolitan College                                Northern Ireland

TBC                      Chichester College                                               South of England

8 May                   Coleg Cambria                                                     Wales

From time to time we publish our 'Copper Matters' newsletter to give you the latest information about the copper plumbing industry, as well as news of other applications for copper for your interest. 

 Copper Matters 2014 front page

An electronic copy is also sent to all Copper Club members who have provided us with their email address.

Skills competitions are a great way to demonstrate the abilities of young plumbers to the industry, and to the general public. 


Walls covered with rows of accurately positioned, beautifully jointed copper pipework gives confidence that the industry is in safe hands. 

Training in Copper Systems

The Copper Initiative is committed to ensuring that installers are given the opportunity to learn about installing copper from the start of their careers.

We work closely with technical colleges across the UK to ensure trainee plumbers are provided with the skills needed to install copper systems professionally.

Other useful training links: