For pipework installations that operate at higher temperatures or pressures than can be tolerated by soft capillary soldered fittings, e.g. steam services, or where grease-based fluxes are prohibited e.g. oxygen lines, a range of high-duty fittings is available.  High-duty fittings usually contain integral rings of silver brazing alloy, though end-feed types are also available.

Melting points for brazing filler metals can be around 650oC, much higher than the 220 - 240oC typical for solder filler metals.

Copper tube is available in a wide range of sizes, from 6 mm up to 219 mm, and is manufactured in accordance with the European Standard EN 1057.

It is produced in a number of tempers, including soft (annealed), half-hard and hard, and it is available in coils and straight lengths depending on size and temper. Copper tube is also available with a factory applied plastic covering and with a chrome plating for decorative applications.

Medical gases are used extensively throughout hospitals.  They usually comprise the following services: oxygen, medical compressed air, (oil and moisture free), vacuum suction, nitrous oxide, oxygen/nitrous oxide mixture (O2/N2O).

Copper tube joined using capillary fittings is the preferred material for use with medical gas and vacuum suction pipelines.

For technical details on the use of copper pipework for medical gases see the Installation Tip.

European copper tube and fittings

EN Standards have been written to harmonise standards for copper tube and fittings across Europe.  This means that products from different manufacturers can be used in the same plumbing system as they all have standardised dimensions.

Copper tube

EN 1057 Copper and Copper Alloys.  Seamless, Round  Copper Tubes for Water and Gas in Sanitary and Heating Applications specifies the requirements for copper tubes from 6mm up to 267mm diameter:

Copper fittings

Copper tube and fittings can be used in every part of domestic, commercial and industrial pipework services, including gas, hot water, cold water and central heating, with total confidence.  It’s strong, it can be easily formed into bends and systems can be assembled both on- and off-site.

You can solve just about any problem with copper and rely on the result.

Copper is the ideal material for the following services: