You may have many questions on the design and installation of copper pipework services and we hope that the information on our website can provide the answers for you.  Below are a few questions that people have asked on numerous occasions.  If you still need to ask us a question please use the ‘Contact Form’.


Can chrome plated copper tube be formed into a bend?

Yes, with care and the correct procedure.

Do you need to feed solder into an integral solder ring fitting?

No, the integral solder ring fitting has the correct amount of solder to form a joint.

When flux has been used in jointing copper pipework, do you have to flush the pipework afterwards?

Yes, any flux left inside the pipework must be removed after jointing is complete.

There are two types of compression joints - Type A and Type B. Which is ‘manipulative’?

Type B is manipulative, it requires the end of the tube to be flared.

What is the British Standard for the design and installation of domestic sprinkler systems?

BS 9251.

There are a number of types of sprinkler heads, including concealed. If you saw a concealed sprinkler head in-situ what would you see?

Only the cover plate, a disc on the ceiling.

When removing old copper pipework, or an old copper cylinder, can they be recycled?

Yes. Copper is 100% recyclable.

We have a series of 6 movies that show how to design and install a cloakroom. The 6 clips are taken from the educational material on the Make the Right Start section of our Copper Pipework Compendium CD.