Sustainability - Copper's Role

This is a subject that is being talked about more and more. Everyone in society is now being asked to think about how the products they use affect the environment. We’ve all known about the recycling of newspapers, cardboard, tin cans and other metals, including copper, for many years.

Sustainable Building

In the construction industry designers, installers and building owners are having to think most carefully about which materials they will use in their projects. Sustainable development is usually considered to be:

‘development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’.

Everyone is looking for materials that are not harmful to the environment and that will be available for future generations to use. This is where copper comes in.

Copper's Green Credentials Verified

The new version of The Green Guide, from the Building Research Establishment, has just given copper roofing specifications A+ and A ratings for their excellent environmental performance. 

 Copper scrap

Copper - 100% Recyclable, no Loss in Properties

As plumbers you are well aware of the recyclability of copper. Old copper cylinders and pipework from buildings that have reached the end of their lives are collected and put into the recycling chain. Copper tube manufacturers use on average more than 50% recycled material in the production of their tubes and, with copper being 100% recyclable with no loss in properties, can you get a better plumbing material? 

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This publication details the many reasons why copper is the number one material for pipework services. In addition to the information on copper tube and fittings, there is environmental information on copper, its sustainability and recyclability.